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Nature or Nuture

Last night I popped past my Mum's on the way home from work and I complained about the cut I have on my thumb and she says, "Me too! Same thumb!" And I said that I accidentally cut it with a knife and she says, "Me too!" And then I said, "It was such a pain to sew with it last night" and she says, "Me too!"


Can't escape some things, I guess?

maelkann has a course up here today so he was over last night and brought a chickpea hotpot he'd made the day before. It was hot hot hot but very delicious. We watched Masterchef and sorta watched the first episode of The Wire Season 2. I'll probably need to go back and rewatch it properly since I wasn't giving it my full attention.

In my taking a brief break from editing chaos, I've been working on catching up with ASif! No matter when or how many reviews I publish, I am guaranteed to get that number of new reviews submitted to me within the hour of the update. It's uncanny! Anyway, I tend to edit the site in bursts and have discovered the "schedule" button on Wordpress. So as long as I regularly have bursts of editing, there should now be a regular and steady release of reviews.

Back though to the editing game. Glitter Rose hopefully is now at the printer in full as we have finally uploaded the cover art to the printer.
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