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Craft Photo Post Day 10

The clear workspace.

This is my sewing workspace most of the time. Its a breakfast in bed type tray (it has legs that unfold) and it's a nice sturdy flat surface which is great for working from when in bed (:) ) and I can pick it up and move rooms with it with all my current WIPs being untouched.

Thing is, it pretty much NEVER looks like the photo above. And I have this love hate relationship with clear spaces. They are so inspiring and energising - clear and ready for the start of a new project. And yet as soon as it looks like this, the next thing I know is I have started 5 different new projects, half cut and half pinned and all piled on top of each other ready for sewing and the whole thing looks like a fabric bomb filled with pins exploded. And in theory, I'm always working on clearing the space til it gets back to looking above. And yet? And yet there is nothing so uninspiring and unmotivating as a space that is so messy and chaotic that you need to spend 10 minutes understanding the logic of it all before you can get into the work of it.

So, my tray for a while has had L'Amour blocks in various states of construction, triangles and half sewn hexagons in various stages of fabric matching and construction for the charm quilt, half sewn blocks for the quilting circles I'm in and scraps of fabric needing to be cut down into log cabin bits for the scrap quilt (like 60 various charm square left overs and other scraps). And in theory, I was working on all these projects, throwing bits and pieces of the charm and scrap quilts along the way - both are long term projects and will be slowly worked on for a couple of years, I'd say. But ... all that work in progress gets to me.

Anyway, I'd packed up all the blocks into a box to be shuttled to and from my parents' and then maelkann as I was not home every night this week. And then after my procedure on Wednesday, I really really wanted to sew - after all isn't that what days off should entail? But I was really not quite able to trust myself to do anything properly that wouldn't need unpicking later. So the only thing I was really up to was cutting up scrap pieces for the scrap quilt. And so, over the course of Wednesday evening, that's what I did until I got to the tray above! Amazing! And now, I am promising myself to work on one project at a time and never get so disorganised again.

Yeah right! 

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