girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Working Weekend

I'm desperately needing to make up for a week that had little productivity and many spanners thrown in (my) works (hmm that reads funny).

So... I still have 4 books to finish up for Worldcon. This weekend the list is:
- Edward Teach corrected proofs to layout
- Bleed correct proofs and send to layout

- Sprawl correct proofs to go back to layout (and then to authors and then to printer)
- Below correct proofs and send to layout

And then I have to work on the other halves of the two novella doubles in the week.

Also I have some merch stuff to organise and some logistical stuff to sort for my dealer's table.

And Monday I have to pop into my local bank and take in some signed paperwork as I got all sorted out on Friday for an Eftpos machine and some proper business accounts for TPP as well. Turns out having an advisor go through your records and also talk about your transactions and payment vectors on the phone actually really helps set your business finances up to be tailored to your needs. Who knew?! I'm so cynical of big organisations that I always feel like they are trying to scam me. Hopefully this will be the lowest fee options and the best facilities.

I still have some leftover discomfort from the procedure which is a bit ... uncomfortable? And work seems to have gone slowly today.

Tags: editing, publishing, twelfth planet press

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