girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Craft Photo Post Day 11

I thought these would go a bit quicker than this! Argh.

Anyway, yesterday I finally sorted some photos that needed sorting/taking. Here is my July block for the Virtually Bequilted group, for catundra.

I have of course also tried it out in the L'Amour fabrics for my quilt. That one isn't finished yet though.

For some odd reason, yesterday I pulled out the monochrome quilt project to sort what blocs needed to be made to finish it off. I have finishingitis cause that quilt top is actually almost half made - and its Queen Bed size. I also managed to get one more charm hexagon done - in yellow - which enabled me to insert a few more hexagons into the quilt. Hoping to get some time today to actually sew those up.

Breakfast now for my Dad's birthday. More TPP work this arvo. But we'll see what happens.

Tags: craft photo posts, quilting

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