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In the light of day

It's funny how just a couple of days and a few more tasks ticked off the to do list can totally change your outlook. I threw everything I had at tuesday and got nowhere. Every time I went to sign off on a task a new obstacle hurled itself into my path. I went home subdued and defeated. And the yesterday things went so smoothly I l
Found myself literally twirling my thumbs by 8.30, all the day's tasklist completed. I watched a couple of eps of The Wire in shock and in mandatory resttime which must occur at the completion of a leg ( the amazing race reference).

Today has gone similarly and I realize now that all the hard work of Tuesday went into things now finally getting checked off the list. I am finally seeing some light. And perhaps an actual week off before heading over to Melbourne.

Course this is the way it always is and I always forget.

I also forgot two other things. 1. I am working hard now so as into 2011 I can work less hard and be working with a one year out lead time. Yes I am packing in 2011 work straight after worldcon but it's for acreally good and important reason - less stress before release dates in the future ie working on schedules that big presses use. And which will enable me to better market and promote new works.

And number 2. The editing and publishing process is a cycle. After worldcon I begin again, I don't carry on from here. I read new works and shape the direction of the next publishing cycle. And that's one of the really fun bits - all bits are fun for different reasons, even proofing because you're looking at a near finished product which you will soon get to show people. And I have two important project deadlines in september - Speakeasy and Twelve Planets. And work for these is starting to trickle in. And I'm getting excited!!! I badly want to peek, oh i wanna peek so bad! So actually, I've scheduled this all perfectly and exactly tailored to the way I work. At the point I will be burning out, I have a ton of exciting new work to read! Yes my hard work schedule doesn't end after worldcon but it's not all hard yards.

If you are a writer who recently sent me an exciting email - thanks for the pick me up. It was exactly what I needed. Just when I was wondering why I needed all this stress, I have an instant reminder!!

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