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Do Better!

I had counselling on Monday night and it was kind of a complainfest. I'm mad at myself about two character weaknesses - or that and the way I am in a couple of scenarios playing out IRL. There was a lot if "and what have you learned" in relation to a particularly strong regret I have. Which was met with dramatic over the top acting - Nothing! I've learned nothing. If I can't laugh in counselling then, well, I got nuthin.

Wanting to please everyone and have noone hate you are such difficult desires to shake. Course if you want to be a hardarse and play ball (you'd either niot have these when you started out or) you just have to get over it.

Still. It was a really helpful session even if the bottom line was: Do Better. I took away a plan of action. Now I just have to ... Do better. And not let other people's shit bother me.

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