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I'm just about turning in for the evening and am reflecting on what a lovely weekend I had. maelkann and I caught up on some movies we'd been wanting to see but haven't had time - Scott Pilgrim and Step Up 3.

I wanted to like Scott Pilgrim and I did like parts of it. But at about ex number 3, I had an internal sigh that there were going to go through every bout. And as the movie went on, I started to feel very overwhelmed by the unending male gaze. And I just got more and more frustrated by how much they left the three most interesting characters to me - the three female ones - in the background with very little to say or do. By the end, I just wanted to know "but why is he fighting for her? Why her?" and all I had to go on was that she was pretty and mysterious. And yeah, I guess male gaze and also very much like a computer game - save the pretty princess, collect the coins/points - but very little to hold my attention. I took away from the movie the gorgeous lipstick that Ramona was wearing. If I'm wearing dark, deep matte lipstick at Worldcon, you know where I got that. I also thought Kieran Culkin was awesome in the film. But I tell ya, when everyone in the movie is doing the extremely chillaxed, I don't care thing, it just comes off as a whole movie with noone acting in it.

And then tonight we saw Step Up 3. Now, I enjoyed both movies, they were both light entertainment (though I may have answered emails twice in the Scott Pilgrim one) and I had fun. But ... Step Up 3 did not need to be in 3D. I found it got in the way in places and made me feel a bit ill in others. Also, the 3D kinda accentuates flaws - like dodgy scripting (the scene in the bank manager's office in particular) and bad acting (same scene). But as I said to maelkann going in - it's a dance movie, there will be dancing and a love interest and it will be awesome! And dance movies are my thing and I love em, even the bad ones!

We did a ton of other fun things this weekend too! I got my proofs from the printer for Bleed and Sprawl. We had dinner with C's parents Friday night before the Scott Pilgrim movie. It was nice to sit with his parents and one uncle and aunt and just kinda be relaxed and so on. And on Saturday we met my mum for breakfast and ran errands (got a pair of work/day/casual shoes, a new cash box and other stationery things for Worldcon, and the bedside lamps as my 6 month anniversary gift to us). And then we hung out at home - C worked on an assignment and I sorted through some TPP finances and boxed up boxes of books ready to send over to Worldcon.

And then we went out for a quick Japanese dinner before heading off tothe WA Rollerderby - the first bout of the season. It was fantastic! We will probably go back again - it's pretty rough around the edges, the sport is just gearing up here, I think we only have 5 teams. So there aren't home grounds and the crowd was not huge and needed the rules explained. But I loved the potential of it - as a cool sport and spectator sport. And you know, it's awesome! We wandered around at half time looking at the "dealer's" stuff. I contemplated buying frilly underwear. Maybe next time.

Today I caught up with some friends for a really fun morning tea that turned into a late lunch, I guess? I drank a looooot of coffee! And came home to find maelkann had waited 4 hours for me to get home. :( We pottered around before heading out for a quick meal before the movie.

And all weekend we kind of marvelled at what a relaxing and fun weekend we were having, and that we both managed to get work in as well. I think we're both quite shocked that you can get on so well with someone else for so long. Without ... it being ... I dunno, full of dramah?

Tomorrow I have taken a day of annual leave to sort Twelfth Planet Press stuff. And editormum shall come up to join me. Hopefully we shall get most of it done so we can head into the con all relaxxy.

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