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Bad influence

So I got the proofs for the two big hitters for TPP this year on Friday. Worked with Amanda on tweaking a few things. And by Sunday I had started work on one of my bigger 2011 projects. So much for the brain needing a couple of weeks! I love the work cycle of publishing. And editing. I really do. The beginning of the next project is exactly what you need just as you get spat out from the end of the last one - contacting authors, tracking down source material, setting up the plan forward, opening a new spreadsheet, reading work without the pressure of a deadline.

So I've gone from really really questioning publishing last week (there might have been tears, sorry Twitter, it was ugly) to LOVING it again this week! Crunchtime hurts and there's got to be a better way of managing that - some books I think we've done that better than others and the challenge for 2011, especially with the 15 books I definitely have on the schedule, is to perfect that down to an art. If we can do that, I think we can do this [whole thing].

Tags: publishing

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