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Twelfth Planet Press at Worldcon

Today I took a day of annual leave to be home to accept the delivery of the TPP eftpos machine. And Tehani came up to do some prep for Worldcon with me. Typically, the eftpos machine arrived and was declared a dud but not before we'd had a good chat with the technician about all things young adult fiction. It should be arriving first thing tomorrow morning.

We then sat down for some organising of things still needed for Worldcon including sorting our Worldcon deals. Tehani helped me work through the pricing structure for the Twelve Planets series which was what was stopping me from making subscriptions available until now. Subscriptions can now be reserved via the Twelfth Planet Press website and will be available at the Twelfth Planet Press table in the dealer's room at Aussiecon 4 - look for the hot pink!

Twelve Planets - 12 collections, 12 authors, 12 months.
$180 inc postage in Australia/ $215 inc postage internationally

Individual collections will be available with postage for $20(Aus)/$23(Int'l).

The complete series list will be announced soon!

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