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Worlds Next Door Launch

Thursday night I drove down to Rockingham to help celebrate the launch of FableCroft's first book - Worlds Next Door. A new book is always exciting. A new press is also always exciting. And my very dear friend, who has helped and guided and persuaded and supported me through the journey of Twelfth Planet Press - well, seeing her in her stride for her own project was the most exciting of all.

I took the position I most love - personning the book table. And yes, I just might have snuck in (and sold) a couple of copies of Horn.

The launch had a fantastic turnout, with lots of costumed kids who sat so nicely and listened to the readings and then ran around like ... kids dressed up who had eaten a lot of sugar.

And here is the amazing cake by kaelajael. Several of us might be queuing up for her to bake fantastic things for other occasions!

Twas a lovely launch and a very awesome book. And I hope for much great things to come from FableCroft in the future. Tehani is trying something new and different - Worlds Next Door is a children's speculative fiction anthology and there are teaching materials available online. And omg Dirk Flinthart's story absolutely tore my heart out (you horrible horrible man!)

Tags: anthology, aussie small press, fablecroft, publishing

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