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Not quite the day I was expecting

I stayed up late last night watching Buffy cause I was looking forward to a good sleep in and relaxing day of doing not very much today. I had a very odd dream - not a nightmare exactly but very strong plot and dark mood. I think it came out of reading I was doing yesterday for 2011. Must go see just which one and buy it. I woke up to a boyfriend trying to find my (online and then almost on phone) to see where I was - I was sleeping! And then to a missed call of "you have missed your hairdressing appointment!" So I moved real quick and headed off to get my hair done. And then rushed back home to meet maelkann to let him pick something up he had left at my place and needed.

Whereupon we discovered that the doggie had eaten half a block of dark Lindt chocolate. Umming and ahhing resulted in a call to the vet - the dog had no symptoms - who decided we should induce vomiting just in case. So we raced down to the vet's and as Benji was being taken in, a poor little puppy was rushed in by a woman in tears - that puppy had been stung by a bee and was in anaphalactic shock. It was really awful being in the waiting room with her, I was quite emotional about what she was going through and also glad I had not hesitated with my puppy. What if that had been Benji? We'd opted to stay - inducing vomiting would take 30 mins - which was just as well when the emergency came in because I had to step in and watch Benji instead of one of the nurses doing it. I'm not sure what they would have done otherwise. So I had to take Benji out the back and watch him throw up. 12 times. There was a lot of chocolate. It was revolting but poor thing was feeling very unwell. And then it was finally over, he got a second injection and I took him home. And it was like the whole thing had not happened.

And then I rushed off to Karrinyup where my family were waiting - we'd organised to have lunch. They had lunch before I got there. And they watched me drink my coffee and finally have breakfast at 3pm. And then my sister and I went off to run errands. I grabbed some more stuff for Aussiecon4 that I need and also grabbed food, knowing there wouldn't be any here tonight (at the boy's). And then ... it happened to me - the very first time I had not enough hands and a crying baby. My sister rushed off to the toilet and left me with the bub whilst I did my own check out thing at Big W. I had two bags of shopping from Woolies, the pram with babe and was bagging about 3 or 4 more bags of shopping and the baby started crying. I was trying to pay and pack and calm her down. My sister came back just as I was wheeling out a pram full of bags and holding a teary little person and she says, "Why was *that* necessary?" And I thrust a small thing with overflowing eyes at her and she said, "Oh." Was seriously a challenging thing to get it all together and I could feel people's eyes behind me and their annoyance for me to just hurry up.

And then I drove down to R'ham to sit and watch the election.


What a day, but I'm so roiled up now with tension and anxiety that I have no idea how I will ever sleep.

Tags: current affairs, family, life, politics, puppy

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