girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Heartbreaking thing today

This afternoon I was the chemist grabbing some antihistamines and a very old man, who looked worse for wear and like he was living it very rough, came in and asked if they sold "this", thrusting an empty packet of maybe panadol? But it was a Black and Gold brand so the person behind the counter said, "No we don't sell Black and Gold, try next door" and then she looked over at me sort of amused, I guess, about the appearance of the man. I was then going into the IGA next door and entered as the checkout person was telling him that no she didn't think they sold that. And he looked really confused. He wandered outside and was hanging around. I felt awful for him. But didn't know what to do - I've before interfered in situations and gotten burned. I had a quick look down the aisle and saw they only had panadaol and thought about going out and asking him. But he wasn't there and as I got in my car and drove off, I saw him riding his bike towards Morley Drive. I'm not sure even where the next shops were. And if he would have any luck.

Just one of those situations where I think maybe I could have been or done something better.

Tags: life

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