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Undercover Boss

In an indie press, you don't need to go undercover to try the other jobs, cause you already do all the jobs. And I dunno, I kinda like seeing the whole process from beginning to end. Yesterday, at the crack of morn, editormum and the kids drove up to my place, helped finish labelling all the packed boxes and then we hopped into the people mover and became the Twelfth Planet Press drivers as we took all the books to the courier depot to freight off to Worldcon.

They made T wear a vest which completed the task! I felt like we should be filming it for a Playschool going through the round window vignette:

And here are some of our boxes heading off to a truck!

Such fun! I'm looking forward to unpacking them on the other side in the Dealers Room on Thursday. EEk!!! Worldcon is next week!!!! How did all that time fly already?

Yesterday was a totally crazy day. Fitting in around my day job, we took all the boxes off to the freight company. And then I felt like I was flitting from one thing to the next - okaying proofs for some new TPP tshirts (which may or may not be ready for me to wear at Worldcon), approving the second round proofs of Sprawl (oops I forgot to do that one earlier in the week), working on Swancon publicity material, the Swancon movie screening, booking Benji in for kennelling, sorting the receipt of yet more proofs - the couriers insist on delivering to an address where someone will sign not my PO Box where my post master would sign which means waiting for them to miss my parents, leave a card, call to reorganise delivery, go sign the card, leave the card and go back the next day to pick up the package, fun eh?

Today I picked up said proofs. And I booked and paid for my airfare to World Fantasy Con. I am going to Ohio! Never really thought I'd make it to that state. I've been stressing about the cost but I'd been planning on San Diego next year so if I can't make that con cause I'm doing this one instead, so be it.

And now? Now I'm packing in bits and pieces for Worldcon! Woot!

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