girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Bleed is published!

For the last several months, maelkann has been pointing out that I haven't put a book out since we got together. OMG - doesn't quite cover how much work we've been doing to get all these books out for Worldcon and a couple of books to come out afterwards.

Yesterday I finally had the first physical glimpse of all that work with the first copies of Bleed arriving. The rest have gone to Melbourne for Worldcon:

And the first copies!

If you preordered, a copy has been put aside for you at the Twelfth Planet Press table in the Dealer's Room which opens tomorrow afternoon. If you paid postage and want a credit or refund, come past and we can help. Otherwise, check your mailbox for your copy soon!

Tags: aster series, bleed, novella series, peter m ball, twelfth planet press

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