girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
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Worldcon Wrap up

Having gotten that last post out of the way ... the highlights!!!

We recorded an episode of Galactic Suburbia live at 10am on Friday morning. I think we were all surprised and excited both by the number of people who came to the panel and also the number of people who listen to the show. I think Alex thought she'd be incognito at this con but was often requested to be met by people coming up to the TPP table. You can download episode 15 now from or itunes and you can hear the audience laugh! and clap! and Jem cry and whinge.

Here's a photo that Celia took of us mid-podcast.

You can't quite see in this photo but our producer made us each a Galactic Suburbia tshirt which we wore that day and it was so much fun to be part of that team at the con.

We recorded a couple of other special episodes at the con to cover the awards ceremonies and a post-con come down. These are being slowly uploaded - yesterday I listened to 15.1 which is the Ditmars special and has an interview at the end by Alex with the Girl Genius folk.

I was so chuffed to meet listeners of Galactic Suburbia. Without exception they were awesome and lovely people.

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