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Worldcon Wrap up

Other highlights for me were being at my dealers table. That seems funny since we worked basically the whole con and sometimes my feet were so sore I had to take a cab home because I couldn't walk - thank you to Rob Shearman, Mondy and Scottish Liz for being very understanding about that after the Ditmars.

But I must say that I love being in the dealers room and I loved working on the Twelfth Planet Press table. Here's a good shot taken by Tehani of the pink table cloth and the new books: Sprawl, Glitter Rose and Bleed:

It wouldn't have looked remotely as good nor worked as well without the tireless work by Tehani and Terri. Here's a shot of Terri wrapping copies of Glitter Rose:

And the finished product with the author, Marianne de Pierres:

Tehani captured the unveiling of this book (on her Facebook page she has the photos), which we all saw for the first time on Thursday. Some last minute proofs from the printer had us quite worried about the look of the final product and I was so relieved to unwrap the copies and see them look *exactly* how Marianne and I had envisioned them.

But the thing I love about being in the dealers room is that everybody knows where to find me (most of the time) and so many people came past and said hello and gave hugs. It was lovely to see everyone. And I got to have a few longish chats, lots of people hung out - and helped! Thanks Alex for wrapping all our lolly bags! And I got the fair share of interesting ideas lobbed at me. For me the con is about the people and I had a great time seeing everyone! And catching up.

Some other cool shots:

Rob Shearman and Tansy Roberts came past and posed with their novella double Roadkill/Siren Beat:

And Thoraiya Dyer and Matthew Chrulew posed in front of the TPP Banner (designed by Cat Sparks) - they shall share the next TPP double, which should be out next month and is called The Company Articles of Edward Teach/The Angaelian Apocalypse.

And Tehani took this lovely photo of Terri, Alex and I before we headed off to the Hugos!

I should also mention the uberfantastic foot spa and massages that Terri was giving at the room parties. The first night I was a bit embarrassed and thought that was all a bit much. The second night she was offering them, I totally took one and OMG that I think was the only thing that helped me get through standing through the rest of the convention.

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