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The Hugos

I'm seriously trying to clear my email inbox this weekend which has involved finishing all kinds of fiddly tasks in order to action and then file emails. And there are also all kinds of things I've been saving for blog posts.

Here's one.

The Hugo awards do this awesome thing where they post all the results of both the voting and the nominations so that you can see how the voting broke down. It makes for really interesting reading. You can download this year's ballot here. I was noodling around in it to see how Horn went when I discovered that I had been nominated for Best Editor, Short Form. That blew me away. The editors who make the ballot are talented people who I aspire to. And I one day very much want to hope to be as good as them. So I wanted to thank those who had nominated me in this category, to even have been nominated is so crazy!

And having a look round the rest of the categories I noticed that Twelfth Planet Press had some serious support:

Horn received 19 votes. (51 got a novella on the ballot. Wives received 46 votes and was the 7th novella with 6 on the ballot)
Siren Beat received 12 votes (38 got a novelette on the ballot)
I received 15 votes for Best Editor Short Form (66 got an editor in short form on the ballot)
ASif! got 13 votes for Best Fanzine (36 votes got a Fanzine on the ballot)
Peter M Ball got 25 votes for the John W Campbell (27 votes got a new writer on the ballot)

I'm really so chuffed to have made a Hugo ballot. And here's the thing, I know that Twelfth Planet Press fared so well because this was a homegrown Worldcon. But the other thing is, look how little it took to influence the nominations. Look how little it would take to nudge things a little bit further - get more Aussies on the ballot or more women on the ballot and so on.

So you know, next Hugo period, those of us with Aussiecon4 memberships will be eligible to nominate in the Hugos for 2011. And ... our votes count. So, if you've ever wanted to act instead of talk about the outcome of these kind of things, seriously think about nominating, or even getting a supporting membership and voting.

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