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Some reading - Part 2

A couple of tabs I've had open for a few days:

2011 Book Club at Dreams and Speculation: Women of Science Fiction

2011 Book Club: The Women of Fantasy

And a link from Todd: Female journalists and writers about music are not respected or considered "for real" like male ones

I've had male musicians quiz me... a well-known elder bebop saxophonist who sang riffs and asked me to identify them. He also changed them subtly so they weren't quite right, so I would be wrong no matter what.

Recommended to me by Jed Hartman ages ago when we were having a discussion of gender disparity:

I finally sat down and read this article (it's old) at Strange Horizons SF and Fantasy in the New Millennium: Women Publishing Short Fiction

Reading the discussion on statistics was very interesting. And something occurred to me about the gender breakdown in my own table of contents (I was discussing on the Coode St Podcast how someone had wondered if I blind slushed how my table of contents might be different. FYI I was very offended by the suggestion that if I blind read, I would default to white male reader). There is a discussion in the article here that women are less competitive and so submit less - a bunch of editors talk about how they get less stories written by women submitted to them. And I realised that I do a call for submissions differently to the standard. I announce my guidelines and open my reading periods - here and on the Twelfth Planet Press blog. And I submit these to Duotrope, the SF Bullsheet and Ralan. But I also send personal invites to many writers. Which is a less competitive and confronting process. I let people know that I would love to see work submitted from them - I do this because many people are busy and don't always see submission guidelines. But I also do it because I want to encourage writers who may have stopped submitting to Australian markets for a number of reasons to submit to my markets. And so I suspect that I actually have a higher female submission rate that the numbers stated in that article. And I also think I get submitted subject matter that is often seen as less appealling to many markets.

And a very old article but I only just got round to reading by Jed on approaches to shifting gender disparity in publishing.

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