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How did I go?

I came home earlyish this afternoon in the hopes of finishing off the remainder of my list. I was feeling pretty energised but by the time I got home, shopped for doggy food and made dinner, I was pretty beat. I still got a few more things done, and packed up, and a few emails responded to but nowhere near what I had hoped to finish off before this report.

Ah well.

I'm really happy that I was able to take this weekend off. Yes, my definition of "take off" is different from the standard. I pretty much needed a weekend in which I did not have commitments to fulfill or in which I was prioritising other people over my own things. It's been a really long time since I had a weekend that was mine. All mine to do what I wanted with it when I wanted to and could change my mind on the fly about what I was doing ... or do nothing ... or sleep the whole time. Or whatever. I was starting to feel anxious and resentful. So a big thanks to Amanda who represented 2011 at WASFF this weekend so that I didn't need to drive up from Rockingham and them back down again.

Friday night we were up at my place and I pottered around which was nice and then got my hair done Saturday morning and some sewing planned before I drove down to maelkann's. (But first I discovered I had ripped a tyre. The RAC man came within 10 mins of calling and fixed it without breaking a sweat.) I must confess being at maelkann's place is a leeetle bit like being on holiday. C cooks! And I only have whatever I brought with me to do/read/sew/watch so that means I do those things without distraction and actually get things done. And his room has really good light. It means I don't sleep in too much but I also wake up fully awake without needing to do the hour or two wake up thing with coffee and soft noises and that means I get more done!

And I need to rave about the pasta sauce that C made on Saturday. Truly delicious and a keeper of a recipe - spicy, with sundried tomatoes and olives ... and yum!

Anyhoo. My weekend was filled with cups of coffee, cuddles, good food and just the comfiest of company. I feel relaxed and refreshed.

What did I get done listwise?
1. Read one AA book
2. Finished up all the ASif! admin backlog
3. Got my emails down to 29!
4. Read and responded to all but 6 novella submissions
5. Watched the end of S2, all of S3 and 4 of The Guild
6. Emailed out about that sekret project
7. Sorted out the cash discrepancies in the Worldcon Sales Tallies with Tehani
8. Packaged up as many AA judging copies as possible with what I had
9. Worked on borders for a couple of quilts I'm doing (a well known boring part of the process but excellent when slushing or answering emails).

It doesn't really feel like all that much looking at it now but I had been procrastinating for a long time, or just not getting to, a lot of what got done on the above. Some was urgent and required in order to do other things. Others were not urgent but very tardy and weighing down on me in the background. Now all the emails in my inbox are only from 2010. Weird!

I worked solidly when I wasn't socialising this weekend but I feel like I had a relax. I feel so good because I made myself stick with tasks I'd been avoiding and so all this weight is now lifted. And I finally had/made time to get these things done and to prioritise reducing some of my own background stress.

I also caught up with Terri at her place for dinner on Saturday night. And caught up with Tehani there and then today again for lunch. Terri cooked up an amazing vegetarian, gluten free storm. It was all deliciously good. And then there was fondue and coffee! Tehani brought me dessert today for lunch, which apparently I really needed (as per my pathetic tweets).

Much things achieved. Much stress reduced. Feeling loved and happy.

But back to work tomorrow :(

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