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Last Short Story and Twelfth Planet Press happenings

If you listened to the latest Galactic Suburbia podcast already you'll have heard me say how I haven't been joining the others on the massive readathon for Last Short Story 2010 and I don't feel guilty about it. I don't. I am so deluged by other reading right now and so behind on things that I couldn't in good mind give LSS my attention, not at the expense of Twelfth Planet Press. I have two books still to put out in 2010, I'm off to World Fantasy Con in just over 2 weeks and I have 3 short story collections to get off to the printers to be read for January 2011. You know, as well as working on the other books for 2011, including our first novel, judging for the Aurealis Awards and chairing um, the National SF convention.

So, yeah, LSS. I just can't give it my all. And I feel a little bit sorry that that means I won't be up on the reading for when all the awards lists start to come out. I like being on top of the reading in order to be part of the discussion. So I think what I'm going to do is read all the stories in the spreadsheet that have a 5 by someone. Or at least a couple of 4s and a 4.5. It means I won't be finding my own gems this year and I won't be influencing the outcome for LSS other than to maybe reinforce some and edge out others when we do averages. But I think I'm ok with that in that that's the best I can do this year.

The publishing new year has kinda already come and we have already started receiving material for 2011. I could in theory start over pretty soon and instead be up to speed in 2011. Especially since I've got a bunch of travel coming up and will need reading for that. Sometimes you gotta just draw a line under it.

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