girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

The charm quilt progress

I'm quite good at productive procrastination. Twelfth Planet Press being case in point.

Here are the completed charm hexagons from the weekend so far. The hardest bit turns out to be grouping six fabrics together. And I had several charm packs of fabric sets that I'd been eyeing off and was maybe scared to sit down and make the final decisions. Course sometimes there are no right decisions, only different ones, and this is a charm quilt after all, it's supposed to look garish.

These are from The Fat Quarter Shop and are the lines "Pure" and "Botany".

And as for packing, I'm still trying to conceive of it being cold. I've chosen one sweater, and washed a woollen jacket, jumper and socks. I've also done a toiletry shop. And decided which books in hard copy I'm taking with me - two for fun, and two Aurealis judging novels.

Tags: quilting

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