girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Conservation of books check in

I am currently at +1 on the book tally status. I've handed over 3 TPP books but acquired 4 and a magazine.

Not looking good for luggage status!

And i missed the book launch party because I was trying to get lunch and the hotel shut lunch down at 2pm - I was at Connie Willis' reading at 1. Instead of reading from All Clear she sat and told anecdotes on stories she came across researching for the book. It was thoroughly engaging and I'll be tracking down Black Out to read before long. She also talked about her next book she's working on which sounds hilarious.

Just now I'm back from the Ann and Jeff show where they did a presentation on all their projects. Their doing some really gorgeous work and I'm so looking forward to their upcoming books. I'm also about to renew my subscription to Weird Tales - the full new team take over as of the next issue. Though last time I was subscribed, not all my issues arrived due to "postal problems". But I'm so looking forward to watching the magazine evolve under Ann's direction that I'll be risking this.

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