girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

WFC Day 3

So what did we get up to yesterday? I met Jonathan and Farah for a good coffee and muffin first thing in the morning and after lively conversation headed to the dealers room. I nabbed myself the last copy of Zombies Vs Unicorns and sold a few of my own books.

I had a really great lunch meeting with Cherry who talked me through a bunch of contract and business type things about the publishing business and told me to get more hard noses. Was cool.

I got to participate in a Coode St Podcast with Jonathan and Gary and Karen!, live from the dealers room! You can listen to that here. I might have bought myself a ring. And did some more personing my dealers table all afternoon.

In the evening, Liza invited me along to dinner with her crew and we walked 15 minutes, avoided a street fight, to a very nice restauarant where I had linguini. Met some cool people and joked around. And then we headed back to the parties. Liza and I popped in and out of them all - was good. It was good to move on once they got too crowded and thus hot.

Eventually I had to head to bed - balancing food, water and sleep with the Crohns kinda works out. Though it took me an hour to actually get to my room. The lifts are a nightmare to ride but just as mine arrived, I bumped into some writers I'm working with and got the opportunity to talk in person about the project. Then when I finally got to my room my damn key didn't work. I fucking hate cards for keys.

Anyway, in the end I got to bed! And now I get to go have breakfast with J.

Tags: conventions, holidays, wfc 2010, world fantasy con

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