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Today was a very odd day indeed. We had a loooog night with a puppy who misbehaved and refused to come inside in the wee hours of the morning (which, by the way are for said weeing and not for nibbling on grass). I slept in as a result and felt like I was on the backfoot all day.

Mostly I had one of those days where I was reacting and it was also full of all those half conversations. Wandered into work to find a meeting next week that I am to go to but noone told me about. Also that we are moving offices next week and apparently I should request taking my bookshelf (shrug). Had random car starting trouble too. Should probably look into that.

I phoned my mother at the end of the day - she was babysitting and begged me to come past and tag team after work. I'd called to see if the printer proofs for Edward Teach/Apocalypse had come in. "Oh," she says, "yes there is something overnighted here for Twelfth Planet Press."
"These are so common we don't bother mentioning them any more?" I responded. Once upon a time PROOFS were exciting! I did pop round. Got some excellently mischievous smiles from my niece - she and I are going to get into lots of fun later in life, I can tell.

I whisked home to feed and eye drop Benji before heading out to the Swancon Harry Potter screening. Not sure I saw everyone or said Hi if I did. I was in this really surreal headspace for the day. kathrynlinge had sorted out our standard movie snacks and saved us seats - have we seen all the HP movies together? I think maybe we have. It's our tradition. And we giggled all the way through it. If I ever become evil I'm not going to leave you clues also I'm going to hide my important shit in really random unconnected places to me. And you'll never find then muwahahaha.

I liked the movie though, like the book, it needed a good edit. I started singing "I need a montage!" in my head not long after the scenes in the woods began. But apparently maelkann thinks Part 2 could have been standalone with just a "Previously ... on Harry Potter". He cracks me up!

Puppy has collapsed over there in the corner indicating it's bedtime. It probably is. Much to do tomorrow. 85 books to edit and 9000 emails to reply to and 15 conventions to plan. Gotta get my 8 hours sleep!
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