girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


It's those idle Tuesdays, eh, as the song goes?

I was expecting this to be a busy weekend but I was not expecting it to be so inspiring and full of so much food for my soul.

I ended up catching up or bumping into a lot of friends this weekend and had many DMs and turned over a bunch of things that have been the source of much stress of late - a variety of things in various aspects of my life. The kinds of conversations that first require you to admit horrible truths, air dirty laundry etc but when doing so to people who love and support you and want you to succeed ... what rewards! People who know you, know how you approach things, know where you weaknesses are but also they know your strengths and they also know how to buoy your spirits and encourage you. I had much of this this weekend and I feel very much refocussed, back on track and full of energy with a list of things that I *can* do to try and help things progress.

I also feel a great deal of gratitude for the friends I have. I am a lucky person and I feel very loved.

Now, to get on with things!

Tags: life, stuff

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