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Happy BOOK Day!

It's almost a little surreal - Amanda and I have been finalising the next book to go to the printer and Sue and I have been working on the collection to go to the printer after that and today The Company Articles of Edward Teach/The Angaelian Apocalypse arrived!

Here's a close up of the book, with cute puppy for scale:

I love the day the books arrive. There's really nothing quite like it - all major tasks should be punctuated with a big delivery of boxes when you finish them. There's nothing quite like drawing a line under a project by ripping open the first box to take a look. I love seeing for myself the idea that was a project, one that maybe I worked on with several people for over a year ,come to life as a physical object in my hand. But then - I really love the book as a physical object.

So here it is. Finally! Edward Teach/Apocalypse - as I am calling it for short. In some ways I feel like it's been overshadowed by other projects which is a shame. I really am proud of this book. It's the second in the doubles series, thus making the series a ... series. It's the first of our books to go to the paperback size. And it's a book that we worked on - Thoraiya and I and Matt and I - for I guess a year or more now. It feels great to see it finished.

Thoraiya was supposed to be writing her story for Sprawl when she sent me this novelette. She asked me to read it for an opinion - she thought it might be too offensive to submit anywhere. That immediately piqued my interest. I took it to Conflux with me to read and sat down one day at breakfast and inhaled it. As I began to read I got goosebumps (I buy anything that gives me goosebumps) because here was someone who knew what it was like to be me. What it was like to grow up in Australia and be culturally different. She nailed it. There's a little bit of me in Layla and a little bit of me in Avi. And I LOVE that - because I think that means that maybe there is more that is the same about being different than ... maybe being the same? I see this very much as a YA story - but a mature (language wise) YA story. These characters are struggling with the issues I struggled with at their age - at 15 and 16 and heck even maybe 19 and 20. They struggle with who they are and who they want to be whilst also struggling with the pressure of being who other people want and expect them to be. Oh yeah, and there's pirates. But you know, I'm not that into pirates ...

I was looking for something to pair with this story when Matt asked me to read what he thought might be the beginning of a novella. He sent me 10k and I was interested, very interested, if there was more - like the other half. He went away and wrote what turned out to be the other 2/3rds, I believe. I liked this story because it is completely different to Edward Teach and actually kinda different to anything else I've published before. I like that because I think I am still establishing what Twelfth Planet Press is and it's broader than the sum of what I have published to date. The Angaelian Apocalypse is tongue in cheek, irreverent and playful. And also a fun ride. Chrulew is an underrated writer and I'm hoping to see more of his work in the future. He writes with such ease and so playfully that his work is a pleasure to read, even when, maybe, none of the characters are that likeable.

And now I am off to package up all the preorders to post first thing tomorrow! Happy day! 

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