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The muffins - recipe 1

Well, here they are! I'm very excited about them as they look and taste far better than any muffins I've ever made before! (Observe one peeking out from behind for evidence) I swear the secret ingredient is sour cream :) They were a bit fiddlier than the standard muffin recipe I've usually made but only in terms of ingredients. And even then, I only needed to buy 3 items that I didn't have in the house. So ... these will do nicely to replace my daily muffin (i'm a muffin addict).

They are mixed berry and chocolate. And were supposed to be raspberry. I can't ever really not meddle with a recipe, even when trying it out for the first time. Here's a bunch of things I've learned these last few weeks:

1. Don't cook beyond your energy/enthusiasm to clean up straight away
2. Food tastes better when the kitchen is clean
3. Having something baking in the oven and standing in a tidy kitchen makes me smile

These three might be why I stopped cooking for a while - not having the energy to clean up and then finding the whole experience zapping

4. Everything is better with dark chocolate added
5. Chocolate doesn't have to be added via chocolate buttons. Roughly cut chocolate taken at random from the fridge works too!
6. Planning is everything
7. I really enjoy being creative to use leftover ingredients and it feels better to do that than to throw out food or food supplies gone bad.

Now let's see if I manage to do something else next week!
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