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Auditing last years New Years Resolutions List

I just had a happy making trawl through my lj for the end of December of 2009 - all through Tasmania and maelkann and I got together.

Anyhoo, here was my list for 2010:

1. Finally unpack my blender and give it a place on the benchtop. Experiment making smoothies and cocktails - try one new recipe a week. (Add to Item 3)

Dec 14th: Yeah I actually finally got to this yesterday. That counts right?

2. Cull my to read and reading piles - remove books that I don't really want to read or have been struggling to remember to finish. Life is too short!

Hmmm I did some of this for Galactic Suburbia, a couple more earlier this week. Could have done more.

3. Expand my staple cooking repertoire - create a recipe book in which add 50 new recipes I have tried and mastered, preferrably gluten free.

Didn't do the final part. Started the first half early in the year and then got a bit back on track lately with [info]maelkann 

4. Maintain a gluten free diet


5. Publish 6 Twelfth Planet Press Books

Published 4. And the 5th one is currently at the printer's

6. Launch Swancon 36/Natcon 50


7. Sell my personal goal of number of memberships to Swancon 36

Probably should have written the number down somewhere. I assume that this was what I think it was. In which case, status is: ON TRACK

8. Explore new avenues for Twelfth Planet Press including distribution, podcasting, new online presence

Done and still doing

9. Develop/Complete the 2011 Twelfth Planet Press publishing schedule

Oh yes DONE

10. Read 50 books


11. Write 25 reviews

Probably wrote like 4

12. Finish 2 quilts

Again with the LULZ
I think I finished 1.

13. Start 2 new craft projects

Oh yes. Does starting 10 count as DONE?

14. Go to Worldcon


15. Start saving money for WFC 2011

LOL - went to WFC 2010 without saving

16. Do more things that make me happy (this one is abstract but relates to decision making in my social scheduling etc)

I'm gonna go with IN PROGRESS for this one

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