girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
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random personal update

I hadn't seen maelkann all week. It was one of those weeks with the tyranny of distance and all that. I was out all morning running errands and was very glad editormum came shopping with me to help me sort a few more. At this time of the year, as an adult, I never really feel envious about Christmas. I used to as a kid cause who doesn't want to get presents and in a way any presents I get now is kinda about that. But mostly I'm really happy to be outside the consumerism vortex.

We came home and maelkann was in the TV Room and just seeing him standing there lifted my heart and made me happy. I really never got before that this is what it's supposed to be. I stood and admired how pretty he was and felt so damn glad to see him.

And now we've hung out most of the weekend and all is good again.
Tags: love

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