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Quilting in 2011 Part 3

New Project!

What? I hear you say. Don't you have all those other near finished quilting projects? The ones you've posted already and the ones you're still to post? How on earth can you start another project?

Well, Because. Quilting and crafting and fun time is supposed to be fun and starting projects is fun. Also, I don't want my stash to become a fabric collection and that will happen if I am not constantly delving in and pulling things out and using them. Also I suffer from fear of cutting the fabric. So that's why I one goal last year was to start a new project and I'm going to continue you that into 2011. Also, I reckon that your taste changes and I so don't want to be at a point where I hate all the fabric I have amassed. This justifies the collecting and spending :)

So this project is one that I've been wanting to start for a while. I've been collecting fabrics for it for a few years. I love the materials and have been looking forward to it but also am a little scared of it - cutting into the fabric is a one time deal. I'm worried I'll mess it up.
But the good news is that this is not a difficult to sew project, it's a difficult to design one.

So last night I accompanied my mum to babysit my niece, took along all these fabrics and we sat down to design it. Turns out that it's another "work it out as you go" job which terrifies me. However, I have a starting point, I will cut out the first piece, do a border for it and see. Worse comes to worse, if I need hand holding, I'll do that and then wait til my parents get back.

Quilt 3: New Quilt: Paris Cats!

It's going to be a Paris cat quilt! A more the Aristocats thing though I think.

To Do: Cut out the focus rectangle
Figure out a border for it.
Wing it
Tags: new years resolutions, quilting

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