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And the missing sets in

C was a little surprised to hear from me today that the missing him has finally sunk in. About two days ago I reached my “this is long enough now” moment and then realised I still had the better part of 4 months to go. It was then that I realised it was going to be harder than I thought. C thought I should have been missing him straight away! But I had that big scary speech to do. And also, he does week long courses or several nights of watch or whatever so a week apart was not such a shock to the system. And the funny thing is that time feels like it’s going fast and going really slow at the same time. It’s quite disorienting. And that we will get married about 10 days after C comes home is really weird – I want him home but I have to finish planning a whole wedding (get a new job, send several books to the printer, go to World Fantasy Con etc etc) before then. And I also know that’s all going to go by really fast. And then we’ll be married. It’s hard to take in.

Today I spent the day following the Charlotte Dawson story on Twitter and on the news sites (we talk about it on tonight’s episode of Galactic Suburbia as well). And at about mid-afternoon I get an email from C saying the one or two thoughts that I’d been thinking/looking for answers for all day. And you know, yet again realised how much I am going to marry that guy. It’s such a happy thing to be in the same headspace as someone else and not having to put any effort into getting there.

I solved the mystery of the gym gear. It was in C’s car where I left it from the last dance class which was cancelled so I never went thus never wore the clothes.

I ran another 3 km today. Little bit too easily so I shall have to up the intensity next week. I am though enjoying the treadmill and have used it 3 out of 4 sessions of workouts this week so far. So that alleviates the guilt I had over that for the last month!

Things are changing again at work. But I don’t know what the implications are. I really really don’t want to have to be applying for a job in the next four months but I suspect that’s wishful thinking.

I bought new notebooks and coloured pens today. Bit exciting! It was time to admit my current notebooking system had gone awry – always needs regular change up to keep it all fresh. I got a separate one for the wedding planning – OMG it needs its own notebook now. I got one with the Eiffel Tower on the front for it though :)

Got busted at my regular coffee shop for cheating on them this morning. Turns out that the reason I feel like I haven’t had a coffee when I go with workmates to some other place is because my normal large coffee has three shots of coffee in it. OOps.

And that’s about all I got to report in today. We recorded the latest episode of Galactic Suburbia. I knitted on my Olympic cardigan as I couldn’t find the needle to sew the seams on the baby jacket. And I spent the entire episode unpicking lace to try and figure out where I lost a stitch. I did figure it out in the end but that’s what I was doing when I was very quiet!

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