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Just quickly

I really have to be quick tonight as I am trying to incrementally bring forward my bedtime this week in order to see what it’s like, as an experiment, when I get more than 6 hours of sleep on average.

Earlier this week, I fell into a new cult. For some reason, I started listening to podcasts from the Getting Things Done company (David Allen) on Monday and by the time I got home, I’d listened to all the episodes I’d downloaded ages ago and realised, There Was Hope for me! Since then, I’ve vaguely mentioned this to C – that I’d discovered I didn’t have to give up my current pen and paper list system (I could have told you that, he said, and have you been reading the books?) – and discovered he has almost all of the books. And when I went looking for his books, discovered that my dear other half has about three shelves of management and leadership type books. tThis is what I meant at my engagement party when I said he has the other half of the library I’ve been amassing all my life. *Of course* he has exactly the book I need at exactly this time.

And so I’ve been working through the Idiots Guide to GTD – I bought the proper first book this morning though cause I didn’t love the Idiots Guide approach. And I’ve been retooling my list system. I knew there was something wrong with it cause it just wasn’t working the way it used to. Yeah turns out I need more verbs and more next actions and less with the which kind of red pen for the ticks.

I’ve already been way more productive today than I have been in weeks. Today:

- done 3 loads of laundry

- cooked dinner

- done all the dishes

- set out breakfast (and lunch cause FREEZER OF AWESOME) for tomorrow

- set out clothes for tomorrow and packed my bag for Konga class after work

- gotten my emails down from 98 to 37 (yes yes a ton of people just realised I knew they were alive and had read their email, I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it next, but have now actioned it. Expect more emails people. MORE EMAILS).

- cleared my dining table

- gathered all my “stuffs” around the house and put them in a new in tray for procesing

I feel SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY. Look out world!

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