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All you have to do is love them

Teachers are amazing people. As news has slowly trickled out of Connecticut this weekend I’ve been focusing on the brave acts of those teachers – the love, the protection, the good in the face of as yet inexplicable evil. I’m not sure any explanation would make us understand what happened in those classrooms. And I don’t know if this heinous terrifying thing will change much in the US in relation to gun control. But when you focus on what the average person is most likely to do in a situation like that – hide children in cupboards and stand in the way of the bullets, it changes the way you see the world -not as a minefield of evil and terror at every turn but filled with people who are brave, and courageous and compassionate and kind.

Rather than focus on all that is wrong and maybe all that cannot be changed, why not ask the question – why not? Or even how about? or what if? It’s amazing what can happen when you decide not to accept the status quo if you don’t like it.

Here is an absolutely inspiring video of a teacher in the South Bronx who didn’t accept that things cannot be better:


Which brings me to my own very inspiring situation with a teacher who asked why not? Why not be happy? Why not try? Why not find a way to make it happen? Why not strive for something beyond your grasp? Why not think outside the box?

I was wandering around to do looking at a new printer and binder company. I got taken on a tour of all their machines which were in use and I got to see books of all shapes and sizes being made. And I thought “I love my life” – that it involves a random tour of a binding machine. Because I really love publishing, every stage in the process of making a book, I love it.

And so. I can’t believe that next year I will be doing it full time. For a couple of months Helen has been saying to me – you should really think about doing a phd. And you know, I laughed at the crazy lady. I failed to complete such an endeavour once before, could I really be trusted down this path again? Course that time I did not have a scholarship and I had to work at the same time. Helen argued that this time would be different because I would do it in something that I love and that I already know stuff about. Again I kinda brushed it off. But things have been looking grim on the day job front for a while. I don’t much talk about that here and I won’t go into it now but it’s no secret that government agencies are having their budgets cut. And I’ve been on short term contracts for a while. For about the last year, I’ve thought time and again that all I really want to do is stay at home and work on my press. And then … Helen came back with a seriously off the wall idea and really, that’s how we like it at TPP. She had a pitch for a kind of phd that there was no way I could look past. And as I’ve started to explain it to those around me, yeah, there’s no way this is not the perfect thing for me.

If you don’t follow your dream, who do you have but yourself to blame for your unhappiness?

So later this week, before I walk down the aisle, I’m going to make a different but no less major life changing decision and I’m going to formally accept my phd scholarships offer and I’m going to go back to university to do a phd in publishing.


And it turns out? In the humanities? You get to work from home. Seriously. I had to lie down for that one. You better check in on me dear reader and make sure I a) leave the house regularly b) don’t get distracted on craft projects and/or c) don’t work all the time on it. Because as my husband-to-be has only just realised today, I’m going to be full time on TPP now. (well some time in the new year)

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Dec. 17th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
This is very exciting and so very up your alley.
Dec. 17th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
Twas designed specifically for me :) Very excited to get started.
Dec. 18th, 2012 01:01 am (UTC)
Congratulations, sounds like an excellent decision. I look forward to hearing more.
Dec. 18th, 2012 12:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm looking forward to documenting more about it as it goes
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