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Jetlag got me down

A slight break in transmissions here as I went home from work sick on Thursday and haven’t really been all that focussed since. My Crohn’s always gets upset by lack of sleep (and air travel) and the worse my lack of sleep this week got, the worse my Crohn’s felt. I felt pretty unwell sitting at my desk Thursday morning and after two hours I stood up and popped my head over my cubicle wall (my boss sits on the other side now) and asked if I could go home and she said, “you look shit. And stay home tomorrow if you still feel sick.” Which at least confirmed it – I always second guess myself, “am I really sick?’ kinda thing. Still, I headed home (and luckily made the bus connection at my train station, otherwise is a more than 30 min wait for the next one out of peak hour, not awesome when you just want to go home to bed.)

So I’ve been floating around at home, not really focussed enough to be overly productive but still not properly on a good bodyclock. At least I’ve been able to sleep in when finally asleep so that’s meant catching up on sleep. Some symptoms still prevail – some are socially acceptable (if you don’t know that I *feel* sick, it doesn’t impact on you) and the socially unacceptable ones have quietened down. Still nothing radical for me like coffee or alcohol. I tried indian food tonight and that was not a good plan.

I’ve been catching up on recorded TV, finished The Closer – many thoughts on that, maybe a review – and knitting. Meh. I keep wanting to start posting about our wedding and trip away but it almost feels like putting it into words might take away the magic of it.

Today we made it up to my post box where I found two parcels that shall challenge me on my stash reduction goals for the year – 4 mini charm packs and 1 skein of yarn (Sweet Georgia Yarn, tough love sock yarn in Honey Fig – been coveting that colourway for years). I shall have to get started on using them as per the charter. Otherwise …


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