December 27th, 2006


So, wait, like, you don't do Christmas AT ALL?

Every year I wait for the amusing explaining I'm going to have to do on what it is like to not be Christian. I am forever getting amused by people telling me they aren't Christian yet they still do Christmas.

Person: So you don't celebrate Christmas at all?
Me: No.
Person: Not even presents and a tree?
Me: No.
Person: But like, then, what do you do?
Me: Nothing.
Person: But, like on the day. What do you do?
Me: I sleep in. I get up, complain there's no TV to watch, no place to go and I read a book and wait till it's over.
Person: But, surely Santa Claus visits you?
Me: No.
Person: But, why can't you do Santa? He's so commercialised now.
Me: He's a Christian symbol for Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ.
Person: No, he's so commercial now. Nothing to do with Christ. Why can't it just be the day that Santa comes and visits you and brings you presents? Even a chocolate. Something.
Me: If you take away Christ, then it's this weird, fat man dressed way too warmly for the West Australian sun giving me stuff. For no reason. That's weird.

So, yeah really. For me, the 25th of December is the day after the 24th. There is absolutely no significance at all for me. Actually it's a pain because it's a public holiday and I can't go anywhere or do anything. This year we hung out on the boat. Ate food, watched TV and just let the day pass unhurriedly by.

But I am intrigued by this "oh I'm not Christian but do the Chistmas thing". I think you would be hard pressed to find a Jew, a Muslim or a Hindu who does the day. Doing the day makes you Christian. To whatever degree you like, maybe the very least part of Christian you can be is doing Christmas. It's not a judgement but it's always amusing to me to hear that its so commercial now that it's meaningless for if it were truly meaningless, you wouldn't do it at all.

Except of course if your mum makes you. There's lots of Jews who only do Rosh Hashanah because their mum makes them.

The Resolutions Post

I'm kinda annoyed that a few of you have beat me to the yearly sum up. Although I do already have my 2007 resolutions listed out so ... Still, must assess the last year before hurtling into the next one. Before I go through how I did on the 2006 resolutions, I wanted to note that I have noticed that the things I managed to do this year I had a plan for from the start. And those I totally ignored had neither a plan nor a feedback loop to remind me to do. So for 2007, I cannot put anything on my list UNLESS I have a plan on how I am going to execute it and a mechanism for checking in regularly to see how it's progressing. And my main overarching goal for 2007 is to achieve BALANCE in all things.

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So .. my final score, out of a possible 26 points, I got 10.2 (about 39%)

26 Lies, 1 Truth - Ben Peek

Or what I read on my holidays by girlie jones

26 Lies, 1 Truth is fascinating and engaging whilst highly depressing at the same time. You're told up front there are 26 lies and one truth and then you follow a kind of narrative with unease, is it all really lies? And if they are, and you know it, how does that affect your reading and how should it affect your reading of the work?

I dunno. Does knowing it's lies and trying to guess the truth take something away from the truthiness? I'm not sure it does, for me. I'm left wondering whether it's bad to write fiction about which you have no personal experience or whether it's the misrepresentation that some writers have made of themselves in the name of bringing credibility to their fiction that's the problem. And if so, how has Peek misrepresented himself?

One aspect I had trouble with was his section on the letter C, devoted to "cunt". Peek is shocked and upset about the fact that women feel the worst word in the world to be one that describes their genitalia. For me, it's that the word is so vulgar and then means my genitalia, rather than my gentalia being offensive in the worst kind. However, I was amused that some letters on from C, he himself then uses the word to insult someone. It's kinda insulting - like insulting someone by saying they run like a girl. I wouldn't mind being able to run like Cathy Freeman and I bet she can outrun most men on the planet. But I digress.

26 Lies, One Truth is engrossing and unrelenting. I couldn't put it down and read it in almost one sitting. But I needed to read utter trash for the next two days to get it out of my head. Yet again Peek shows he can do experimental and he can pull it off.

And I'm not at all gonna mention the typos, no really, I'm not going to *do* that

ETA: The cover art is outstanding. Also the inside art is good too except for the one with Ben Peek without pants. People don't need to see that.