January 4th, 2007


My Mind Boggles

A report by FBI agents who witnessed prisoner abuse in Guantanamo.

Article from news.com.au:

Others said female interrogators taunted Muslim detainees with sexual "lap dances", that detainees were draped with Israeli flags, and that FBI agents witnessed a number of cases of injuries that allegedly came from interrogators.

American military, trying to piss off their detainees ... bring in Israel. Why is that necessary? Good to see them constantly mediating in the Middle East.

2007 Books Log

And we're off ...

1. C0ck Anthology ........... edited by Andrew Macrae and Keith Stevenson.
2. KMachines by Damien Broderick (RRGB)
3. Melissa Queen of Evil by Mardi McConnochie
4. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (GB)
5. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld (GB)
6. Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (RRGB)
7. Battlestar Galactica by Jeffrey A Carver (GB)
8. So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (RRGB)
9. Seacastle by Tansy Rayner Robert (GB)
10. The Darkness Within (Jason Nahrung) (RRGB)
11. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (RRGB)
12. Hunter's Run .... George R R Martin, Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham

1. Borderlands 8
2. ASIM 28
3. Subterranean Press Issue 6 (OS)
4. Potato Monkey 5
5. Shimmer Winter 2007 (OS)
6. Fantasy and Science Fiction (May 07) (OS)
7. Analog (May 07) (OS)
8. Asimov's (Jan 07) (OS)
9. Weird Tales 344 (OS)
10. Realms of Fantasy (OS)

Graphic Novels
1. Strangers in Paradise Vol 1 (RRGB)
2. Strangers in Paradise Vol 2 (RRGB)
3. Y The Last Man Vol 1
4 Y The Last Man Vol 2

She's Crazier than a Coconut

So one of the things that's come out of therapy (I've been twice so I'm not making any wild claims about it being life altering or whatever .... although I *do* feel like things are changing but not necessarily because of these sessions) is to voice (OCD) shit that's going on in my head, to run these things (obsessions) past the bf.

You see, my mind is a minefield of insane thoughts and ideas and theories. Actually, I keep reminding people how kick-ass I am to be able to function at a fairly high level despite this, right before I explain part of the (OCD) shit going on in there. So the therapist thought it would be a good idea to tell the bf (OCD) stuff. I hadn't been doing so cause even I know it's insane and the thoughts of a crazy person. Even I can hear how ridiculous it is as I'm saying it and the thought trails off into the ether. It's nice though to take them outside my head, where they can be taken too seriously, and shared with someone and laughed at in the light of day. You know, like getting someone else to check under your bed for monsters.

But what happens when this happens when you are doing something some consider less insane? I was just telling two work friends (hey guys!) about the having read 500 stories and wanting it to be over cause it hurts so bad in order to write a list to compare with benpayne's out of interest. Out loud, to other people, this totally sounds like the most insane idea ever.

How will I ever be able to discern the insane/sane line? I wonder if having it within eyesight will help.


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