September 10th, 2007


Maddie McCann

So it looks like the Portugese Police are pointing the finger at Maddie's parents - saying they (accidentally) killed her and hid the body for a month and then disposed of it later when the heat died down.

This case intrigues me and I have been following along as best I can. I really felt for the parents and thought that the most likely thing was that she was snatched for some peodophile ring. I don't want her parents to be the killers because ... well, there's so little left in this world these days that presents as it is and so little that is pure and good. What if these well dressed, nice looking doctors with their perfect family really did (accidentally) kill their child and then spent 4 months covering it up? Who is there left to trust in this world if that's what happened?

Apart from the fact that I find it really hard to believe, with all that scrutiny and police, that they could hide a body for a month in the summer without anyone finding it. And if they did dump the body in a hire car - wouldn't someone have discovered it by now?

I do love the How to CHannel

Am home sick today nursing some asthma and oddly a fever.

I love the How to Channel for background noise. I've learned today how to make cupcakes, how to make a pear patterned patchwork quilt and am now watching some home reno stuff.

Been mostly reading and working on ASif - a fair few new reviews up there today.

Sigh. The day can go quickly like that, can't it!