September 13th, 2007


Dozois YB Honourable Mentions list

Simon Brown "Tarans", ASIM 24
Jack Dann "King of the Mountain", Postscripts 9
Jack Dann "The Method", Postscripts 7
Terry Dartnall "The Thirteenth City:, Oceans of the Mind
Stephen Dedman "The Dead of Winter", Weird Tales
Margo Lanagan "A Fine Magic", Eidolon 1
Marago Lanagan "A Good Heart", Red Spikes
Chris Lawson "The Day I Go Outside", Cosmos
Garth Nix "Dog Soldiers" Jim Baens Universe Issue 2
Alastair Ong "The Legend of Grandmother June", Eidolon 1
Gillian Polack "Horrible Historians" Subterranean Press issue 4
Lucy Sussex "The Revenant" Eidolon 1
Anna Tambour "The Syncopation Streak", Polyphony 6
Sean Williams and Shane Dix "Night of the Dolls", Elemental

Last Short Story Numbers

And because some people like stats.

Of the 1900 odd short stories I've read this year so far, I will be blogging about 107 of them. Of these:
85 received a ranking of 4 (worth reading)
16 will be on my honourable mentions list with a ranking of 4.5
6 will be on my Years Best list with a ranking of 5

Opening a story

Last night I got to hear possibly the best opening line to a person's real life story that I ever got to hear in person:

Her: So .... Stalin is marching towards us on the east and Hitler is coming towards us from the west.
Me: Wow! What a choice!
She looks me dead in the eye
Her: Indeed. What a choice indeed.

In case you were wondering, they chose Stalin.

how much is a cup of coffee worth?

My cousin recently got engaged to an Israeli. Apparently the wedding is going to be in Israel in June. And now we are debating whether we will go over to the wedding. The bf doesn't think he will go. He doesn't think the country is safe. (Heh - am going to NYC and London and he doesn't blink.) My mother was saying that she was thinking of going but then there might be another reception here the week after so maybe that's a lot of money to spend when you could just wait a week. I was thinking that whilst I was in Israel, I'd be able to have a cup of coffee with her cousin, who was very nice to me when I was there years ago and I miss not seeing all the time. I was thinking $5000 for that cup of coffee was totally worth it. Now my mum is thinking it might just be worth the money too!

(mariness now you see why the $46 a pound coffee doesn't faze me?!)

Tim Tam Slam

How many packets of tim tams do you think we can muster and bring to World Fantasy Con? I think we have to bring the tim tam slam to our fellow Americans. And btw I have recently discovered that the Mud Slide flavour or whatever that one is, is the best to use cause the outer layer of choc is much thicker and doesn't disintegrate on melting.