January 2nd, 2008


Last Short Story Project

Well, it's January 2 and I am finally sitting on the other side of Last Short Story 2007. The last two weeks were a long haul but I am done. (Note - done and completed are two very different things).

I am about to post my Year's Best List for Australian Fiction published in 2007. The full Year's Best List will have to wait - there's a lot more in that read pile and it'll take a bit of fiddling but it will be out soon.

The exciting news is that Last Short Story 2008 is going to team up with Jonathan Strahan for his Year's Best Collection. Yep. We're going to be helpful readers for him. Some might say suckers but not me! Nosiree! I LOVE this. LOVE it. LOVE. IT.

And so ... whilst I sit here with my Year's Best List in one hand, I have my current to read list in the other: 3/168.

My 2007 Year's Best List for Australian Specfic Shorts

Personally I found 2007 a lean year in Australian publishing. There seemed to be a real dearth in magazine markets - no Shadowed Realms, no Fables and Reflections, final issue of Potato Monkey, one issue of Borderlands which came out so late we have to consider it in 2008, one issue of Aurealis, one Orb, one TiconderogaOnline.

The spreadsheet tells me there were 425 Australian Short Stories published and whilst the number seems comparable with last year, I had trouble coming up with a decent sized list. If I stuck with what I did last year, I would give only those stories which rated a 5 in the actual list and those with 4.5 on the recommended list. All up, that gives me 5 stories which rated a 5 and 12 which rated a 4.5. Instead, I will combine the 5s and 4.5s for the YB list and I will list my 4s as recommended reading. I'll note that means in general, this total list will be of lesser quality that the list I posted for 2006. But in all, these are all the Australian stories that I enjoyed this year and they all have something to offer.

Alisa's 2007 Australian Year's Best List

Inducing by Paul Haines, Orb 7
The Bride Price by Cat Sparks, New Ceres Issue 2
The Sun People by Sue Isle, Shiny Issue 1
Knowledge by Grace Dugan, Interzone Issue 211
The Flag Game by Marianne de Pierres, Hub Issue 34
Truth in Sentencing by Steve Duffy, Antipodean SF Issue 103
Inside by Ben Payne, TiconderogaOnline Issue 11
Cafe Culture by Jack Dann, Asimovs January
Cracks by Trent Jamieson, Shiny Issue 2
Mist and Murder by Lucy Sussex, New Ceres Issue 2
Domine by Rjurik Davidson, Aurealis Issue 37
A Complete Refabrication by Bren MacDibble, Orb 7
A Lady of Adestan by Cat Sparks, Orb 7
The Pastimes of Aunties by Tansy Rayner Roberts, Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane
Small Changes by Trent Jamieson, Shiny Issue 1
Right to Work by Cat Sparks, The Workers Paradise
His Lipstick Minx by Kaaron Warren, The Workers Paradise

My 2007 Recommended Reading List - Aussie Specfic Short Stories

Recommended Reading List

The Final Forgetting by Phillip A Ellis, Antipodean SF Issue 104
Demons of Fear by Jennifer Fallon, ASIM Issue 27
Burning Bright by Kylie Seluka, Fantastic Wonder Stories
Holiday by Liam Rands, Hub Issue 1
The Bluebell Vengeance by Tansy Rayner Roberts, ASIM Issue 28
Centenary by Stephen Dedman, Cosmos Issue 14
The Shoe in SHOES' Window by Anna Tambour, Interfictions
Nigella and the Clockwork Man, by George Ivanoff, Shadow Plays
Habilis by Richard Kerslake, Potato Monkey Issue 5
Sufficiently Advanced by Stephen Dedman, New Ceres Issue 2
Theatre Review by Alexandra Piece, New Ceres Issue 2
John Wayne by Ben Peek, Aurealis Issue 37
In the Arms of Medusa, by Nathan Burrage, Orb 7
Lion's Breath by Miranda Siemienowicz, Island Issue 108
Glory by Greg Egan, The New Space Opera
Where is Brisbane and How Many Times Do I Get There? by Paul Haines, Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane
Dead Lovers by A M Muffaz, Reflections Edge
Little Green Apples by Angela Slatter, Antipodean SF Issue 110
Truckers by Dirk Flinthart, ASIM Issue 30
Induction by Greg Egan, Foundation 100
The Jeweller of Second-Hand Roe by Anna Tambour, Subterranean Issue 7
Night with the Stars Askew by Rjurik Davidson, The Workers Paradise
Black and Bitter by Nathan Burrage, The Workers Paradise
Networking for Dummies by Dirk Flinthart, The Workers Paradise
Blurred Horizons by Bren MacDibble, Shiny Issue 2


I dreamed last night that I was at a World Fantasy Con with Cat Sparks, Rob Hood, Glenda Larke, Marianne de Pierres and Tina Connolly. I don't know what it means except that I think I took to heart my dad's comment yesterday that I seem to work so hard for so little return.