January 4th, 2008


Good Morning USA!!!

Ooh I love the smell of an election in the morning!!
I am *so* excited - today - well when it is today in America which will be tomorrow - is the start of the kind of the beginning of the business end of the presidential thingamiejig!

Yes!! It's the Iowa Caucus - yay!!! Sooooooooooo excited! I am an election junkie. I really am. I follow them in the most bizarre countries just cause I get a kick out of people exercising their democratic right to vote. Of course, the USA is a notorious country for rigging elections and really should have some UN overseers to make sure there is no election fraud going on. I suggest Aussies go in - we do electioning quite well here.

Still!! Today (tomorrow) the first democratic party members will choose their Presidential Candidate. And the republican supporters will make a start at whittling down their crop. I am SO excited!!

Vote well Iowa!! Vote well.

Ooh! I LOVE it!

It's Ditmar Time!

Step right up folks! Roll up! Roll up! It's that time of year again when you get to stick it to the Aurealis Awards shortlists by nominating for the Ditmars!

That's right!!! And you should vote! You should vote because you care about what will be on the ballot and so that you have a right to complain about what's on the ballot!

You know I love a good democratic, non-rigged election (see I *even* wrote that with a straight face) - so I am going to be putting up on ASif! the full list of short stories that Last Short Story considered for our Australian reading list. That should be up some time before the end of the weekend. If you're very good, I might even let you know which ones were novellas!

And some time next week I'll release a list of the reviews that appeared on ASif! which you might want to consider worthy of Atheling nomination. But hey, we published well over 150 reviews, I think, last year so .. you know, scroll back through the News page if you want to compile your own list.

Tin Ducks will be voted on at the same time as the Ditmars this year so I'll try and separate out the WA'ians in the various lists.