January 5th, 2008


YA - what the hell is it?

Am in the midst of a mad panic update for ASif! My goal is to publish 250 reviews this year and the ASif! reviewers are not letting me down!

SO consider this a place marker for when I have time:

Rachel's Shiny 2 review in which she kicks our ass and raises some interesting questions about what *is* YA exactly.

In particular, I was interested in her comment about whether the recurring theme of death was appropriate to our intended audience - teenagers often feeling immortal, would the theme of death really appeal.

I want to discuss this more when I have time - *especially* with respect to Buffy which we are about to engage discussion in great detail about and also the Tru Calling which I started rewatching last night.

So more on this later - unless you wanna talk amongst yourselves whilst I'm popping up moooore reviews.