January 7th, 2008


Last Short Story Best of 2007 List

Well we made it - we made it to our Best of 2007 list and Ben has popped it up over on the blog here: http://community.livejournal.com/lastshortstory/29949.html

What a great list. I love that list. I remember each and every story and they are all special to me for different reasons. And a couple of Australian authors and publications made the list too. A nice mix I think.

Wonder what 2008's will look like.

Over the week the four of us will post our own final version of the list that contributed to the overall one and you can see how our tastes mix.

New Resolutions

You'd have thought I'd have been all out there with those posting their 2008 resolutions or goal lists.

To tell you the truth, I haven't written one. I can't seem to put 2007 to rest yet and so it feels like I can't get on with 2008. I feel a bit stuck, really. And it sucks. Yes, I had a kinda bad day yesterday - and I spose with a week or more since the last bad day, that's progress and whatever. But it feels like a step backwards personally.

Hopefully today I will have the internet put on at home and this should help. My phone bill should be less with less texting and more emailing and I could finally make a start on all the work due for 2008 and more specifically, January!