January 8th, 2008


Realms of Fantasy

I *think* my RoF troubles may finally be over. I haven't been blogging about them but I have received several more rude letters in the mail after I thought I had had email contact with an RoF person and sorted it out: I do not want to subscribe was what I wrote.

RoF have had me on their delinquency list and have been threatening to send me debt collectors (which surely would be more costly than a subscription but whatever).

In the end, I emailed the advertising person who is the only person with an email contact on the website at all:

>>I'm so sorry to be emailing you, I know you are not the person to
>> help me out with this problem but there does not seem to be any other
>> way of contacting Realms of Fantasy staff.
>> I am being hounded by your subscription accounts office and have no
>> way of contacting them. I live in Australia and the only contact
>> details provided anywhere for RoF is a phone number which is not toll
>> free for me and the one time I tried to ring it I couldn't leave a
>> message because the voice mail box was full.
>> I tried a trial issue of the mag and in no way see this as an
>> agreement to subscribe to the magazine. I started receiving rude
>> letters from you, including reference to other material I had not
>> received - eg a third letter without ever have received the first and
>> second. I did not receive any copies of the magazine either and thus
>> do not consider myself to be a subscriber who has not paid.
>> I have been trying to contact someone from your magazine for about 6
>> months to sort this out and managed eventually to find someone and
>> have a copy of an email in which I told them I did not wish to
>> subscribe and she acknowledged this and said she would sort it out.
>> She has clearly not done so since I am now being threatened to be
>> debt collected and am on some kind of RoF list.
>> After all of this, I in no way wish to ever buy a copy of your
>> magazine. It is hard to obtain in Australia and expensive and I was
>> merely trying to get copies for our Last Short Story on Earth project
>> where we read everything and review what we like.
>> Please please please please can you pass this email onto someone who
>> may help me sort this out.

Today I got this:

>Dear Alisa,
>I apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding. Your account has
>been canceled.

I'm really not sure how an account got started in the first place but I am too wary now to even go there. It's a shame because I do think RoF is the prettiest genre mag around.

Golden Globes Cancelled

From news.com.au

THE 65th Golden Globes ceremony has been cancelled and replaced by a news conference after actors vowed to boycott the event in support of striking writers, organisers said today. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and event broadcasters NBC announced the decision to scale back plans for Sunday's show in a statement, the latest twist arising from the dispute between feuding writers and studios.

The longer the studios take to come to some kind of resolution, the more dire this is going to get as the actors' contracts come up for renewal in June and at this stage could just be joining the writers on strike. Worse would be, I guess, if the writers' contracts get resolved, they go back to work and write scripts and then the actors walk out on strike.

Could be a very very lean year for TV.