January 15th, 2008


Ditmar Nominations

Thanks to the Director of the Ditmars I can announce that the following TPP projects are eligible in the following categories, should you so wish to nominate them!!

Last Short Story on Earth Project - Best Fanzine
ASif! - Best Fan Achievement
2007 Snapshot - Best Fan Production
ASif! Podcast Episode 2 (featuring a review of Elizabeth Bear's New Amsterdam by cassiphone and random_alex) - Atheling
Shiny - Best Collection
New Ceres - Best Collection

Ditmar Nominations are about creating a ballot of the projects and works in the previous year that you have enjoyed or you think are worthy to be considered for being the best. I don't see the nomination ballot as being anything more than a showcase of the projects and works we, the Aussie specfic community, have created in the course of the previous year.