January 18th, 2008


The internets!!!

I has them

I cannot even begin to retell the getting of the broadband at home. It's been long. It's been painful. It's going to involve a callout fee.

It's all beside the point because...

I am back online at home! It's not ideal. I have a PC set up on my kitchen benchtop. I have wifi that seems to cut in and out when sitting on my lounge in the TV room.

It's all beside the point. I'm back people!

So expect a flurry of random and focussed activity. If you sent me stuff to read and give feedback on .. that should be hitting your inbox soon.

Besides all of this ... Shiny Issue 3 should be out next week. It's kinda mostly done. Half of 2012 is at layout and the other half should be there by the end of the weekend-ish. It's all kinda movin'.

That January Goal List

How am I going?

1. Finish properly moving into my new place [IN PROGRESS]
2. Lose 2kg [Made some changes in lifestyle, cannot audit - no scales]
3. Release Shiny Issue 3 [Editorial and NF pending]
4. Send 2012 to layout [7 out of 12 SENT]
5. Read 360 short stories for LSS 2008 [Read 21]
6. Complete 2 Sea Rescue Shifts [Done 1, Second on Sunday]
7. Have a family housewarming afternoon tea
8. Plan a housewarming party
9. Watch and review 4 episodes of Buffy
10. Set a 2008 Budget and get it on track
11. Get a puppy of my own (thinking maybe this would be a cool bday gift)
12. Watch 2 movies out of my DVD collection
13. Finish blogging up all the 2007 LSS stories I liked
14. Write 4 reviews for ASif! [Written half of one]
15. Read 2 books for fun [Read ONE Graphic Novel]
16. Put all my knitted baby goods up on my etsy store
17. Finish my Arc de Triomph cross stitch [IN PROGRESS]
18. Use up one of my body butters [USING STRAWBERRY - yum!]

That 2008 List

I'm probably not going to actually a compile a list for 2008 but I have sort of unofficially got some goals going on for this year.

I think the freakish thing for me - some people will have noted my panic about the progression of time even though it's only Jan 18 - was that I gave myself 6 months to get my life together and I am now almost 2 months into that. That's what's off-kilter between me and the calendar. I mean, it's almost time for me to start looking for another job - I've 4 months left in this one. And I guess also to start looking at places for me to live given the current one is temporary. So that's me when I'm freaking out - on my own timeline over here in temporal distortion land.

Also, I have finance issues at the moment. So all that goes into kinda what I'd like to do in 2008:

1. Buy a house by the end of the year
(Scary and freaky and I don't know how I will get this done. But it's there and I must.)
2. Be happy
(Bit random and not task settable nor necessarily auditable)
3. Spend more time with my family and friends
(Involves not saying no to invites unless I already have something booked)
4. Get out and do and see new things
(Music, theatre, cinema, food etc)
5. Get out and see my state
(CALM has a great list of sites to see around the state with some excellent art and signage and I want to see it. So I want to visit one National Park site or centre a month this year)
6. Do not, or limit to the absolute minimum, spend money on books, mags, yarn, cross stitching or fabrics.
(I have an enormous stash in each of the above - this year I am going to save money by not buying more stash and adding to my to do projects pile and I am going to still be entertained by working through all my stash AND reduce the stress of future time already being allocated to bought projects.)
7. Eliminate all my acrylic yarns
8. Revamp ASif!
9. Goals and projects relating to Twelfth Planet Press
10. Lose weight and get back into shape
(includes returning to a more non-pre-packaged food diet)
11. Cook one new dish/meal a week

- there might be more, i forget off the top of my head.

Today though I did the saddest thing in keeping with the above list. I cancelled my membership to the Socks that Rock Club for 2008. It's about $300 and see above. Plus, I have only used one skein from the club in the two years I've been a member. The hard bit was if I decide to try and get back into the club at a later date, there's a year missing in my collection (of kit materials and patterns and so on). Tough love. Touch love.