January 25th, 2008



So later this year I am going to Israel to attend my cousin's wedding. It has been occurring to me that I should probably actually book the tickets very soon. I was talking to my uncle yesterday, who is also going to go, and he was talking about all his plans for this conference he is attending the week before in Turkey.

This morning he asked me whether I wanted to come with him to Turkey.

Trying to figure out why you would say no.

Wastelands II Age of Iron

I've been invited as Local Guest of Honour to Wastelands II: Age of Iron in October in Perth.

I am very excited and honoured to have been asked. And as the worrywart that I am will be madly reading up on random stuff in the meantime.

Nick Stathopoulos is the Interstate Guest of Honour and Tom Eitelhuber is the Fan Guest of Honour.

Should be fun and you should expect more Steampunk / Victoriana / Retrofuturism talk round these parts in preparation.

ASif! Stuff

Slipping in just as the window of opportunity is sliding shut is this year's feature article on the Aurealis Awards shortlist prior to announcement of the winners. This year the feature is written by Tansy Rayner Roberts. Drop by and leave a comment on what you think of the shortlist and who you think will win. Winners will be announced tomorrow night in Brisbane.

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Britney Speak

I've been wondering a lot about how Britney got to the messy place she is now.

Here's an article by her uncle http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/story/0,26278,23109457-10388,00.html which says she was drinking by 13 - he knows cause he saw her. Keep reading to find out why he didn't actually do anything about seeing her go into the toilet with a bottle of gin.

What gets me is how this 40 year old man thinks it doesn't tarnish who he is or doesn't reflect his negligence and part in this.

I like the bit where he knows she snorted cocaine on her 18th birthday cause she did a line just before he did.

It makes *everything* so much clearer.