January 27th, 2008



I am so tired - I am actually sleepy and took a bit of a nap last hour. I never nap. And I actually hurt all over.

Yesterday I took a leisurely breakfast at a favourite Saturday morning breakfast haunt with a book I am kinda enjoying. Then I ran around doing some errands for last night before racing home for some catching up on ASif! reviews. kathrynlinge arrived and then we stopped past to pick up mynxi before heading south. After a very long drive, in the heat (why don't they vegetate he freeway?) we arrived at editormum's Aurealis Awards party. We spent a lovely evening with callistra and family and the Battersbys and Helen and family. Even though apparently there was a crack down on mobile phone use in the Awards ceremony (lest state secrets be leaked or some such) we were still able to announce the awards on account of the presence of two panel judges.

Very huge congratulations to all the winners - so sad most of the novels have never made it over the ASif! review copy desk. Special congrats to my friends catsparx and deborahb. I enjoyed the judges reports although am left wondering what other panels may choose for their criteria if *not* characterisation, plot, originality and quality of writing. But *shrugs* you appoint a committee, you get a decision made by a committee.

I got dragged away from editormum's place where I was so enjoying the conversation to head on over to punkrocker1991 and lyzbeth's place for more great conversation. I was sorry to have missed most of the people but we still had a great time and lots of laughs ... except for ...

on the way up the freeway from editormum's, I'm pretty sure I saw a dead body on the road. There was a police car and an ambulance on the side of the freeway near the Canning exit and the men were all standing around talking and lights flashing. Up ahead from them, there was a young looking girl lying flat on her back and not moving. kathrynlinge only saw the blood, which I did not see, we drove over and apparently it was a lot. I had flashbacks of her lying there all the rest of the night. Possibly that was the first dead body I have ever seen in real life and yet ... there has been nothing on the news anywhere about it.

I got to bed 2ish and then was up at 9 to meet calla_s who kindly came over and helped me garden. We assessed the situation and then embarked on Bunnings. We worked so hard that I am very sleepy and I *can* see the difference we've made but I think I thought that we would get more conquered than we did. Conversely, I think I need to prove I can care for all the plants we did buy and pot first before I invest in more.

And tomorrow I am taking the day off. I plan to watch DVDs and sew crossstitch in the aircon.

A voting story

Yesterday I was reminded how important it is to vote.
Yesterday, Silverchair, my pick for the Hottest 100 winner came in 2nd place with "Straight Lines" by 13 votes. 13 votes decided it and I didn't vote. I love the song and I was so confident that JJJ listeners would too that I didn't vote. And, JJJ listeners did love it, but 13 people loved The Muse song better. And it should have been 12 - I should have voted. 13 people decided it, basically.

Don't let this be your Ditmar ballot story.
Don't assume someone else will nominate for you. Don't think that your vote is not important. The rumour is that it takes between 4 and 6 votes to put something on the Ditmar ballot. Why should 12 or 15 people compile the nomination ballot for the rest of us to vote on? Why should you trust those people to compile it the way you want it?

The Ditmar nomination deadline is fast approaching. Make sure you vote and get what you think should be on there, on there.
Check out the Eligible Short Story list from the Last Short Story Project as a reminder for the shorts category [1]

[1] Take care when using the list to nominate flash pieces, some o/s authors might have snuck in under the radar [2]
[2] Novellas are not separated out on this list. Write in to correct if you want - I formatted the list by hand and can't bear to look at it anymore!