February 3rd, 2008


Author Bio Update Month at ASif!

February is Author Bio Update Month at ASif! During the month of February, authors can send in (via asif dot editor @ gmail dot com) the information they would like to have posted on their bio page on the site. Initially these pages were to keep track of what work by that writer had been reviewed on the site. However, it will now be open to whatever information the writer would like added (within commonsense/reason) - links to reviews on the site will make it obvious as to which have been reviewed on ASif!

We will accept bio blurbs, author photos, pictures of book covers and list of works.


Proofing the final three stories for 2012 and it's gruelling. I left the darkest stories to the end which turns out not to have been a good idea and I'll try not to do that next time. These stories sit kinda where I like my horror - very very very dark sf and kinda in that playing with your head and looking at the dark sides of people's psychology.

Yucky yucky stuff.

Three really powerful stories. Each deal with issues powerfully and poignantly. But damn! It's not material you can read and reread within short intervals. I know that makes it good horror ... but phew! Grue-lling!