February 9th, 2008



Anyone interested in this tomorrow night? I have Sea Rescue but would hopefully be finished well before the performance:

Water Fools Saturday Performance

Unfortunately do to strong winds last night's performance of Ilotopie's Water Fools had to be cancelled for artist and patron safety.

However, the company have agreed to present a special performance of Water Fools this evening at 9pm as well as the Sunday performance at 9pm. A French spectacular for the whole family, a cast of colour characters turn Perth's Swan River into a dazzling stage.

For the best view, walk from the end of William Street towards the Narrows Bridge to the Australian flagpole.

Please note these performances are subject to weather and may be cancelled if there are strong winds.

Saw the preview on the news last night and it looked pretty cool - pyrotechnics and all sorts o things.

NB: Will be out from this arvo onwards so text me if interested. Also I'd prefer not to drive as I'll be a bit ruined after Sea Rescue.

NB2: It seems pretty windy though today too?