February 12th, 2008



I have a capuccino on my desk - hehehe - we have a coffee making machine here at work but I never knew how to use it and it doesn't belong to our group. A new team member is as much a coffee lover as me and this morning she showed me how to use it - which meant me standing and watching her make me a capuccino. For almost free! Nice!!

I bought myself a pretty spiffy pack of coffee on Sunday to use in my plunger so as to give up the bought flat white in the mornings. Extra specially nice coffee to hopefully make it not feel so bad. 3 cups of plunger coffee equally the number of flat whites to purchase the 250g bag of coffee. That kinda maths. Because yes, I am trying to find monies for a new project in the wings. Anyway, this coffee espressos up real nice.

Pity the machine will be leaving in a couple of weeks due to staff shuffling.

I don't often say it, but life is good and I am happy.

Last night I actually went to bed feeling good about what I had achieved in the day. It's been a long time since I felt that way I think. I am loving having the extra admin help with ASif! - it meant I got to all sorts of other pressing backlog issues last night that I have not had time to deal with in months. And they had already had pay back by the time I got up and checked email this morning. And the tiredness of last week could very well have been poor diet. I made a huge effort to load up on protein in all my meals yesterday and I was wide away working till 11.30pm - took me 5 hours to complete a particular backlog issue - and didn't even notice how late it was. And somehow I also managed to do a massive clean up in the kitchen.

Life is good. Protein rocks!

Historic Day

When you aren't proud of your past, at least you can be proud of your present and where it is aimed at taking you in your future.

Today I am proud to be Australian. It's been a while.

THE Federal Parliament has opened with ceremonial welcoming from Aborigines for the first time in its 107-year history.

"With this welcome comes a great symbolism: the hope of a united nation, through reconciliation," Ngannawal elder Matilda House told the assembled MPs and Senators.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was handed a message stick which told "the story of our coming together".

The ceremony combined ancient Aboriginal dances, music, song with more modern dance and performance.


2012 Previews and Presales

Not long now till the launch of 2012.
Here's the current version of the cover:

You can prebuy your copy of 2012 using the button below. Postage within Australia is included - if you are overseas or are able to organise someone to bring you a copy back from Swancon and want to pay now, email me at girlie dot jones @ gmail dot com and I'll sort out a different paypal invoice for you.

Sneak peek exerpts from inside the book coming soon ...



What is this rain and storms you lot on the other coast keep talking about?

We've had 1.5 days of rain since Boxing Day (and probably a couple of weeks before that) and it's just hot hot hot here. Today is 36 and windy and the mildest day we are getting all week.

Thank Gpd I have airconditioning in my bedroom and haven't seen the electricity bill yet.


So was just about to blog about how crap TV was tonight (went for the first ep of the Murder Chicks CLub or whatever) and was glancing up at Burn Notice when the dude was wandering into some hotel room and was all "every bit of evidence is a clue ... even this paperback" and the book was full on Solaris New SF Vol 1. How fricking sad am I that I could see that in the split second snap shot. And also ... cool!! SF anthol on mainstream TV!